The Tampa Bay Paranormal Society was created as a Yahoo group for members to meet up in a club environment.



The club socialized through the yahoo group, until it slowly succumbed to internet spam.



A member decided that the Yahoo group wasn’t enough and decided to create an actual Meetup group on the website www.meetup.com for the club to be able to keep track of its members and have a place to post and accept reservations for its events.



The group went through a couple of organizers and had meetings, conventions, events, movies, and investigations periodically throughout the years.  The events were not as frequent as they had intended and the group’s attendance started to slow down again.



The Tampa Bay Paranormal Society (TBPS) organizers decided that it was time to revive the stagnant group. The website PARANORMALTAMPA.COM was created, along with other social media (www.facebook.com/paranormaltampa and www.twitter.com/paranormaltampa).



The society was looking for a new place to host its FREE meetings, since the last location was closed down. We went through a monthly floating meeting structure, where we went from city to city (within the Tampa Bay area). This allowed us to accommodate several members from different cities. However, we needed to find a stable location because the floating format was bringing in less members and people didn't know where to find us for our monthly meetings.

LOCATION UPDATE:  We found a location in Seminole, Florida, where we have been holding our meetings each month. We still do events in other cities, but this is our permanent location for the monthly meetings. 



Our meetings have been going strong and we have a good core group of regulars that show up each month, as they can. We also get several new faces, which is always nice. :) Some of the things we discuss, investigate, and experiment with include:

Ghost Hunting, Cryptozoology, ESP, Remote Viewing, UFOs, Dream Walking, Other Dimensions, Aliens, Spirit Guides, Angels, Astral Projection, Laws Of Attraction, Various Psychic Phenomenon, and much more! If there is a particular subject you would like to discuss or explore, let us know. We try to theme each meeting and also offer raffles and giveaways. 

We also work with other groups and paranormal teams, in order to expand our knowledge and share information to our members, who may be interested in attending other events or joining a ghost-hunting team. Some of those events cost money, but we clearly state how much (if anything) in advance. Keep in mind, our actual monthly meetings will ALWAYS be free.  


We currently have over 800 registered meetup members and are always willing to accept more. We are open to members of other groups, skeptics, and anyone else who is interested in the paranormal; provided you are respectful to all other members and their personal beliefs.


As a society, we feel that it's important to help bring people, who have an interest in the paranormal, closer and to support one another on our quest for knowledge in the paranormal realm.


Join us!